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Central American Travel Guide -
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"Enjoy Central America" provides you with travel information and maps of most Central America travel destination of interest to travelers. Choose our Central American travel guide or one of our vacation packages and tours, or work closely with one of our travel agents to design your perfect vacation. Help yourself with our travel guide to Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

We are a full-service tour operator and destination management company and arrange for tourism in Central America including hotel information, car rentals, discount airfare from the US and anything else to fit the travel needs of groups and individual tourists.

"Enjoy Central America" invites you to discover a variety of incredible destinations in Central America. The unique hospitality of its people, the gorgeous nature of the entire isthmus and the mystique of several different cultures will inspire your senses. Whether your interest is in Colonial history, rainforests, volcanoes, beaches the Mayan ruins in Tikal Guatemala, we will assist you in putting together the perfect vacation. Our travel agents provide efficient and quality travel advice and they can make all your travel arrangements for a trip to one of Central America's countries or a combination of several of them.

Central America is located between Mexico and Columbia and has the Pacific Ocean on its southwest and the Caribbean Sea on its northeast. The region boasts of volcanoes, rainforests and beaches. And various mountain ranges are surrounding fertile valley where most of the population lives. These valleys are also suitable for the production of bananas, coffee, beans, cacao and other crops.

Travel within Central America has become much easier during the last decade with several airlines and bus companies serving all major cities and sights. We specialize in multi-country itineraries, ecotourism and organize soft tours and adventures for all ages and abilities! We also offer mountain biking tours in several Central American countries.

There are recommended vaccinations for travel to Central America, and in some provinces there is a yellow fever and/or malaria risk, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which posts its recommendations at

The CDC’s bible for medical recommendations is called the Yellow Book and available online. From the website’s travel section, select Yellow Book / Build Custom Report to find risk assessments for yellow fever and malaria for any country in Central America.

EnjoyCentralAmerica recommends the purchase of travel insurance to all our customers. To compare insurance options and to get an instant quote, please click here!